About anja Notanja Sieger, Artist 

As an artist I use several mediums such as typewritten poetry, performance art, community collaboration, paper cutting, drawing, crochet and sound to understand life. No matter the medium I use, improvisation is the uniting force because it is the split second that most interests me.  What wisdom rises to the surface by following instinct?  Each day as I create without preliminary sketches or goals, I convey the precise essence of the present moment.  Common themes explored in my work: the spirit world, the animal psyche, the feral feminine, the unknown, facing fear, mortality, and forging a humorous rebellion against the unacknowledged minutia of daily life.  

About La Prosette

"I am a performing typist selling other people's thoughts.   Art therapy with a typewriter is my service.  Prosettes (poetry letter hybrids) can be typed for the customer as they watch at festivals and events or they can be ordered on this website.  For me the typewriter offers the pre-computer era tradition of translating ideas into clacking physicality. Customers can choose from the following options: Poetry, Love Letter, Insult Letter, Letter of Recommendation, Short Story, Letter from a Pet, Other.  Writing letters requires me to pretend for the duration of the composition that I am the customer.  This is acting.  Different themes costumes and props are brought to each performance location."  Bookings: email Anja at notanja@gmail.com   


Artist in resident at RedLine Milwaukee, 2016

Resident Narrator of the Pfister Hotel, 2014-2015

Winner of the "Art" Story Slam at the Pfister Hotel, 2014

Featured Daily Story on www.cowbird.com, 2012, 2014

Ex Fabula Story Slam All-Star Storyteller, 2011

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Frequently Asked Questions

When did you start doing this?

A few months after I left my job at the puppet theater, I had 10 dollars to my name and a growling stomach.  I picked up my nightstand, some paper and a pen and carried it all over to the nearest outdoor mall.  I set up shop next to a brass sculpture of a hog and started singing "I can help you to express the feeeeelings you normally repress, poetry for sale, five dollars!"  It was 100 degrees, but I got two customers.  Afterwards I bought a tub of rocky road ice cream that I ate in its entirety, excluding only some of the cardboard it came in.  

What is a Prosette?  

A Prosette is a female prose poem hybrid species, occurring naturally in nature without genetic manipulation.  It also probably means something in Portuguese, but I don't know Portuguese at this time.   

Can you write me a letter from my pet?

"Yeee-oeeeews!" – Widdle Kitty

What is up with the 'Radiowaves From Space' I see all over your website?

Radiowaves from space is a performance piece and art print series.  For the performance I braid my hair and stick it straight up into an antennae.  The antennae allows messages from space (in the form of radiowaves) to descend into my body and out of my fingers which type up the message.  It's wisdom from Outer Space.  

Do you still do this on the street?

Sometimes and I do a lot of art fairs.

Still have questions?  Email notanja@gmail.com