My Disappearing Act

To honor my creative needs, starting January 1st and lasting until March 31st of 2018:


Ø  I’ll remain logged out of facebook, email, and Instagram.

Ø  Commissions and opportunities of any kind including poetry readings, public typing or art shows will be DENIED. This means I will not be offering any services in exchange for $$$, unless you pay me $1000 or more for 3 hours of work.

Ø  The exceptions to this are my free comedy sportz level 3 graduation show on March 7, Thursdays when I assist someone I already do work for, and Sundays when I teach my 2pm writing classes at Voyageur Books.

Ø  Since I’m leaving online communication someone else will occasionally check my email for me just in case there is something there I shouldn’t miss, but I doubt there will be.  They will also post my class offerings.

Ø  You can still reach me by telephone, text or messenger, but no group messages please.

Ø  You can also visit me at my RedLine studio on 4th street during visiting hours on Friday and Saturdays.


There is still a lot of room for students to enroll in my adult writing classes.  Check out the schedule here!


Here is the obituary I wrote and performed for Net Neutrality...