La Prosette Presents "LIVE Radiowaves From Space"

On August 13th 2014, Anja Notanja transcribed live messages from outer space on Wisconsin Avenue in tandem with the Night Market.  Customers simply asked what it was that they wanted to know from space and the answers fell down from the sky and were picked up by Notanja's antennae.  At 9 p.m. fellow space traveler, Beth Ratas demonstrated native dances from various regions of outer space.  Unfortunately, there is no documentation of her dances at this time, BUT THEY WERE SPENDORIOSO! 

Before anyone took me up on getting a message from space a man asked me "What if I am skeptical?"

Renee Bebeau prepared my hands with cosmic henna for optimal space transcription.

Renee also designed the symbol on my hand.  It means "everything is connected."

Dena wanted to know if she should move away from Austin.

Kat wanted to know if there are dogs out in space.

This guy wanted to know if Sarah should move to Costa Rica or not.

This guy wanted to know if Sarah should move to Costa Rica or not.

She wanted advice from space for her three young adult daughters.

She wanted to know if it was a good idea to quit her job at Goodwill and start her own craft business.

This woman wanted to know when can we travel to Mars???

He wanted to know:  HOW MANY?

They wanted to know if James' love would last.

Julie didn't know what she wanted to know, only that she knew she wanted to know something.

Michelle wanted to know what kind of food is eaten in outer space.

Caitlin Haycock snapped a shot of me experiencing a moment of space reception on her cell phone.