Two Typewriter Poets Describe Your Essence

Free public event, one night only!

When: Saturday, March 12th, 6-9pm

Where:  Walkers Point Center for the Arts, 839 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee

Stand before a duo of writers and receive two typewritten interpretations of your physical presence as well as a musical one by Spectron and his Nebulous Band: Spectron Sieger on bass, Jess Lemont on drums, Michael Bettine on gongs, He Can Jig on pippi, Jade Kastel on accordion, Dennis on saxophone and Casey on guitar!  Walk through a comedic literary installation that spreads out from the windows to the hallway to the bathroom. Create your own poem collages out of a pile of pre-typed words on colorful paper! Check out WPCA's current exhibition In//Out. 

Decorah Iowa's undrea becker of Insta-poems.

Decorah Iowa's undrea becker of Insta-poems.

Decorah Iowa's undrea becker, founder of Insta-Poems and Milwaukee's own Anja Notanja Sieger & La Prosette both happen to be typewriter poets who compose instant literature for strangers at art fairs and farmer's markets. The two women recently met each other on Twitter and decided they ought to meet in the real and see what happens if they type for people side by side.